Lauren Conrad sends husband cutest wedding anniversary wishes

IMG_0478Courtesy: Lauren Conrad Instagram

How Much More Blessed Can You Get?

Lauren Conrad took to her Instagram Wednesday evening to celebrate her 3 year wedding anniversary letting the world know how much she loves her husband, William Tell, in the most deep way one can do, with help from son Liam James Tell.

There, Lauren used the power of her ever-popular social media account to let her loving husband know how much she loves him, by showing off the beautiful, and breathtaking sight that is their newborn son, who is a little over 2 months old, and growing everyday right before our eyes.

It’s Lauren and William together watching the bundle of joy that is their son look so innocent in their eyes, while William himself cradles baby Liam in the palm of his hand looking at such awe of the little child both Lauren and William made celebrating their love for each other.

We’re On The Silk

Today, the Lauren Conrad team told about their newest fashion craving that is the multifaceted silk coming in all kinds of options being blouses, tassel earrings, shirts, dresses, scarfs, and just a few camisole options to complement the silk elements that exist with fashion.

Pink Above The Fire

One of Lauren Conrad contributors, Kate Martindale today gave her two cents about the ways that you can transform a boring mantle you may be experiencing into a ledge filled with blush dreams that make the mantle above the fireplace a centerpiece on the entire house right up there with the kitchen.

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