ChicCartel’s new shopping revolution made debut at New York Fashion Week


Courtesy: ChicCartel

Have You Ever Shopped Like This Before?

ChicCartel launched a new way for one to shop Tuesday evening at the deck of Pier 59 Studios in New York City, right in the middle of New York Fashion Week.

ChicCartel is about to change everything, for consumers and brands.

The new digital platform is a feast for the eyes, incorporating vibrant images to inspire your best look.

Forget the whole boring clothes-on-a-hanger against a white backdrop.

ChicCartel will show you stunning pieces and Instagram-worthy shots.


Courtesy: ChicCartel

Online shopping can be hit or miss.

If you don’t know the exact fit, you can get stuck with guessing.

Not with ChicCartel!

The platform not only shoots everything (taking the pressure off designers!), they also use a range of sizes on real models.

Never guess at fit again!

But there’s more to ChicCartel than just looks.


Courtesy: ChicCartel

The platform will offer up up-and-coming indie American-based designers with a focus on sustainability and quality.

From Brooklyn’s Lilysh design to LA’s Lavender Crush (who work with recycled silks), ChicCartel will be your guide into finding your new must-haves.

ChicCartel will also help shoppers go local, by focusing on neighborhoods.

You’ll not only find a designer based in your area, you’ll also get access to their inspiration and design process.

From the gorgeously shot clothes to the inside glimpse, customers will get a front row seat to their new favorite brands.

“We champion small emerging brands that are not overexposed and don’t try to achieve growth by cutting corners,” said Olga Gomonova, one half of the genius duo behind ChicCartel. “Our brands must be U.S. based using sustainable practices.”

The concept of this new way of shopping came from a collab between the business mind of Olga Gomonova (a former Fortune 500 executive and Harvard Business School graduate) and the creative thinking of Victoria Janashvili  (renowned body image advocate, fashion photographer and  “Curves” the book author).

Together, they created a shopping experience that would help American designers and grow their brands.

“In the age of fast fashion, we are bringing fashion back to its roots,” explained Janashvili, a seasoned fashion photographer who has spent her career redefining industry standards. “We are empowering neighborhood designers to build businesses while giving them the tools they need to be creative and successful”.   ​

Customers will be able to scope out new brands and best of all, designers can avoid the outdated wholesale model by going directly to their target audience.  Win win!

ChicCartel initially launched its platform on Thursday, and will initial focus on Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, and Portland.

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