Art Hearts Fashion looks back at New York Fashion Week opening celebrating International style


Courtesy: Arun Nevader / Getty Images 

Celebrating To Fight A Worth Cause

On Thursday September 7th, Art Hearts Fashion kicked off New York Fashion Week with a spectacular display of international and national talent.

The opening night featured 6 designers with 6 very different stories to tell, all complimenting each-other while providing guests different styles from around the world.

The show opened with a performance by Sarah Charness wowing rocking the house with a performing on her electric violin creating the perfect tone for a night that was filled with classic attire and rock and role vibe.

First up was Kawaiti designer Mashael Al Mutawa who’s brand Design ME featured handbags by NNJ designs.


Courtesy: Arun Nevader / Getty Images

The classic yet stunning collection was a perfect way to celebrate traditional fashion with an international flair.

Next was Purvi Doshi direct from India who’s fashion journey has lead her from a small basement shop to a two story stand alone flagship store in India’s top fashion district.

The collection was an amazing spin on traditional attire with modern style. Closing the 7pm segment was none other than celebrity designer Dexter Simmons, who’s journey has lead him from a top finalist on project runway to a celebrity designer rocking out street-wear with a rock and roll edge.

The 9pm showcase opened with a performance by hip-opera singer Charisse Mills who’s vocals resenated through the cathedral and set the town for the classic and edgy display of designers to follow.


Courtesy: Arun Nevader / Getty Images

Opening designer Jonathan Marc Stein presented a modern and edgy collection followed by Datari Austin from the U.K. bringing a European flair to his eveningwear.

Closing the night was celebrity designer Jessie Liu from San Francisco, providing the perfect end to a perfect opening night that set the tone for a week that featured over 40 international designers, hundreds of models and thousands of looks at the Angel Orensanz Foundation event space in Manhattan’s Lower East Side the home of Art Hearts Fashion.

Woody and Amy Michleb led the backstage hair styling team to create a multitude of hairstyles for the Art Hearts Fashion runway using the amazing Style the Runway hair products, and Hairdreams extensions April Love Pro team created the beauty looks with products by Danessa Myricks, Cozzette and Bdellium tools.

Guests enjoyed an amazing art gallery curated by Six Summit Gallery. Sponsors included Monster Energy, Illy Coffee, That’s IT fruit bars, Savvy Travelers, Shibue Couture the official undergarment of fashion week, R & R advantage, I AM Printing Solutions, In The Weeds Natural Skin Care,  Fashion Week Online, FNL Networks, Fashion ONE, Runway TV, Social Network, and Selfie Cookie.

As a voice for artistic and cutting edge designers, Art Hearts Fashion is paving the way toward the future of Fashion Week.

Art Hearts Fashion’s philanthropic drive stretches internationally, putting the spotlight on how fashion can promote constructive ideals and influence the progressive evolution of the fashion industry.

The platform is proud to raise awareness for organizations including: Aids Healthcare Foundation, Project Cancerland, Make A Wish Foundation, Wednesday’s Child, Children’s Hospital LA, & Women’s Cancer Research Foundation.

The event presented by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation highlighted its #KeepThePromise campaign to promote awareness and safe practices.

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