Audrina Patridge keeps it together after filing for divorce



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After a huge weekend of revelations and getting things in order, the only thing Audrina Patridge can do is remain calm, cool, collected, and civil during an exchange Sunday with soon-to-be ex-husband, Corey Bohan, as Audrina picked up her daughter following a 7 hour visitation Corey had, reports TMZ.

What’s motivating this cordial gathering between Audrina and Corey without a heated experience is a one-year-old girl named Kirra, who Audrina gave birth to not too long ago, with help from what appeared to be loving husband, Corey, who’s now the reason for Audrina filing for divorce.

TMZ broke the story Thursday that Audrina had gone ahead and taken steps to sever her marriage with Corey, claiming incidents of domestic violence which Corey committed towards Audrina during their marriage, as well as Audrina claiming Corey didn’t trust her, and Corey saying that he would commit suicide if Audrina left Corey.

There were points where Audrina was terrified not only for herself, but for her one-year-old daughter, Kirra, where Audrina called the police to file a report, leading to protective services coming to Audrina and Corey’s home where they met with Audrina about what was going on.

Audrina Patridge took to her Instagram on Saturday saying how her daughter, Kirra, lights up any room she enters into, followed by thanking her followers saying how she appreciates all their thoughts and messages, and in spite of this being a difficult time for Audrina, Audrina and her daughter are doing ok.

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