Lauren Conrad’s people try out intermittent fasting

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Fasting Works Even When Not Traveling

Today, Lauren Conrad and her people gave their space to nutritionist, Kelly LeVeque on the wonders of not eating for so many hours at a time, allowing one’s body to absorb, digest, build, and lose what’s not needed inside the body.

The benefits of not eating for 6 to 12 hours is that it allows the body to remove toxins, waste, damaged cells, and fat cells, there’s also opportunity to build one’s muscle mass after eating, as one’s body takes in those wonderful nutrients following a meal.

Along with a 300 percent increase in growth hormones, dramatic drops in insulin levels, and increased fat burn and muscle building, fasting increases one’s ability to have a longer life, and one can start by eating breakfast later in the morning which is hours after one gets up, then one is not suppose to eat anything after breakfast for 6 hours.

Now when early evening rolls around, one can have their well-balanced dinner of proteins, greens, healthy fat, and fiber, but cannot eat anything for the rest of the day or night until the next morning at breakfast again, one can get away with having sparkling seltzer or tea hours after dinner, and will have a better night’s rest.

Delivering Baby Is A Plan In Itself

Today, Lauren Conrad gave us a little tutorial about planning the time one will spend in the hospital when it’s time to give birth to that wonderful life a woman carries inside of her for 9 months.

Mother basically has to bring a minimal list of their house toiletries, cash, credit cards, and a journal to document their experience as baby’s coming into the world, and baby needs a car seat, clothes, swaddle, and a baby book for footprint so baby’s first time in their home is a comfortable experience.

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