Lauren Conrad’s 4-way fall statement sleeves



Don’t Worry, Fall’s Up Our Sleeves

Lauren Conrad’s strong recurring contributor, Anna James, today has a new way to show off those precious sleeves on a lady’s blouses for the fall of 2017 that not only are cute, but make a serious statement four times in their own right.

Anna explains how her very own outfit consist of a blouse direct from Calvin Klein, skirt from Veronica Beard, jacket from Very, boots from Marc Fisher, sunglasses from Pineapple Proper, and handbag from LC Lauren Conrad, it’s all about the dramatic statement sleeves declaring the war of long versus short over.

Statement sleeves include balloon-shaped sleeves, tiered sleeves, bell-shaped sleeves, and ruffle sleeves coming in an array of pieces which include off-the-shoulder dress, flame tiered sleeve top, cozy knit sweater, denim dresses, romantic rose blouse, semi-sheer blouses, and faux pearl blouses which make these pieces a statement to remember the rest of the year.

A 4-Way Toast

The recipe box today has revolutionized toast likes it’s never been before since bread was invented, which goes beyond the crime partners of butter, peanut butter & jelly, peanut butter and banana, cream cheese and jelly, or even cream cheese alone for that matter.

The toast reinvention begins with avocado having radish, sprouts, and pepper flakes, almond butter & honey with strawberries and chie seeds, fruity coconut toast with sunflower butter, blueberry, and bananas, and a true morning favorite inspired by bagel and lox that have it’s cream cheese, smoked salmon, and capers for that great hearty breakfast.

Daniel Quintanilla

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