Lauren Conrad and the black widow booze of Halloween


Buzzed Spooky Is Drunk Spooky

October can mean many things to many people, there’s the beginning of 3 months worth of holidays, the first full month of fall, raking up lots of dead leaves, or that it’s crunch time because Halloween’s 4 weeks from now, Lauren Conrad took the latter today returning us to lovely libations presenting the black widow berry cocktail.

What better time than now to welcome Halloween into one’s home by making a marvelous, yet spooky, yet powerful drink that gets the spirits going in every meaning of the word possible, it’s all about keeping in mind the theme of the drink while not forgetting the most important reason for the drink, to have a good time.

Now, the ingredients Lauren has here are quite a trifecta within themselves, they’re also quite fascinating because Lauren’s got berry flavored sparkling juice, an ounce and a half of vodka, and an ounce and a half of prosecco that’s also sparkling wine to go along with the muddled blackberries, cotton candy, and eyeball candy, creating a heaven of fruity effervescent flavor with a kick making you beg for another.

Celebrate, Our Favorite Month Finally Arrives

Take that black widow berry cocktail you have at hand, and see the Letter From Lauren today building up anticipation for Halloween with Lauren’s big Halloween plans every year, along with baby to big kid advice, style with substance, a fresh delivery of Paper Crown fall 2017, and the big reveal of Lauren’s awaited Halloween costume for 2017.

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