Lauren Conrad’s look at the truly authentic fall styles



Now, We’re Ready For Fall

Some of us pretty much know by now that not only are we into fall, but we are 3 days into October, and we’re finally getting a taste of reality from the weather department, so Lauren Conrad proceeds as always with her Tuesday Ten devoted to the styles of October full of cable knit sweaters, trench coats, and boots.

It all starts with a simple plaid coat, blue jeans, and leather loafers matching up with the light brown leaves, vests are also a good way to go when it can be paired with a cable knit sweater of one’s liking, keep it simple too with a warm sweater and distressed jeans, wear a newsboy hat with a coveted outfit, and think outside the box with a hot hue of orange on the blouse.

Menswear has been playing a pivotal role in women’s world of fashion for quite sometime, so don’t quit now when one’s got structured blazers and trousers to complement menswear at its best, take pajamas out of the bedroom and into more of the daylight making them apart of your outdoor attire, monochromatic strikes again in all pieces especially black, colorblocks also are a way to style, and shoot in the stars onto an evening dress for parties.

Good Eats At School Day’s End

Toddlers are not known for their structured eating habits, let alone their fine taste in food choices, so moms step into get control of the matter, with today’s recipe box of snacks waiting for the little ones after school, or even packed at lunch.

There’s ideas of cookie cutter sandwiches filled with your choice of hummus and veggies,  lunch meat with mustard or mayonnaise, or good-ole peanut butter and jelly, apple slice sunbutter stackers with granola, cinnamon, and cacao chips, and an AB & J smoothie with sneaky spinach coming in either strawberries, blueberries, and rolled oats blended in almond milk or whole milk.

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