Lauren Conrad releases final third leg of Paper Crown fall 2017


Courtesy: Paper Crown 

Now Full-Onto Fall

In some parts of the country, fall seems like it’s a challenge just to even arrive, or stay feeling like fall since the temperatures have decided to be summer-like after summer’s passed, but Lauren Conrad regardless has part 3 today of the Paper Crown fall line up ready to take on fall.


Courtesy: Paper Crown

With a focus on tweed, plaid, and cozy knitwear, this third delivery from Paper Crown has us crazy about the Cecilia Jacket going for $326, the Ruby Dress for $318, and the Silvia Sweater for $198, all paying true to the fabrics, styles, and prints Lauren strives for this year.


Courtesy: Paper Crown

Next up are the Isa Dress that’s a good investment for $296, and the sexiest Paper Crown fall 2017 there is yet being the Lula Jumpsuit, going for $294, also coming with some nice upstanding sexy elegance breeding eyes on you from men, and women alike who admire sex, and elegance in one.

Welcoming Toddlers Into The Grown-Up World

There comes a time where after the baby becomes a toddler, the toddler must grow into more big kid stuff, like sleeping in a big kid bed, team Lauren today dispenses ways to make that transition easy for the little one.

The first step to getting toddler into their own bed is make it the only thing to focus on before moving onto other things, it has to be slow and steady, naps are a good start, security features for the child help a lot, put a little scare into the child to sleep in their own bed, and celebrate the accomplishment.

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