Lauren Conrad’s stepping closer to Halloween with decorated mantle



27 Days Before The Costume

Lauren Conrad and her team today looked to the advice of Kate Martindale, who’s best known for her work as a prop stylist, to help Lauren and company get their home mantles transformed into a chic and spooky place as October overcomes the world with Halloween.

The scheme to excute first for one’s fireplace mantle are the color palette, choosing anywhere from gold, rose gold, cranberry, or an array of colors possibly coming from a garland given that one has a fireplace painted white, but colors very if the colors of a fireplace are anything but white.

Speaking of balloons, what the balloon garland does is add to the mantle experience by extending the space of the oasis that’s been created, plants also play a great role if they’re very tall in adding to the mantle experience by going vertical, and the result after adding candles and pumpkins is having balance with this halloween mantle.

Roses Do More Than Love

There’s a new healthy habit today to take up in the world of team Lauren Conrad, it’s called rose water, and it’s said to have an amazing amount of benefits attached from its petals.

Making rose water is a lot more than dipping a few roses in cold water, rose water needs 5 to 7 stems with lots of water and a large pot to be heated up before using, so one can benefit from rose water’s hydration on the skin, reduce redness, inflammation, and get the antioxidents of vitamins A, C, E, and B.

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