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Costume & Costume

Now, coming up with a Halloween costume each and every year can be the most difficult thing in the world outdoing yourself from previous, or it can be strikingly easy like falling in love with a strikingly beautiful woman, but having a best friend by your side can go many ways, and Lauren Conrad today goes the easy route with costume ideas inspired by perfect pairs from pop culture.

Let’s start with Cher and Dionne from “Clueless” who bring their 1995 style to that one night a year where we’re characters other than ourselves, stay in gear with holiday spirit by going as the twins from Stephen King’s “The Shining”, Wayne and Garth from “Wayne’s World”, Emojis of Unicorn and Rainbow, and Mary Poppins and Bert from “Mary Poppins”.

More than a pair of best friends gives a group the option to go with a get up such as “Troop Beverly Hills” inspired by the Girl Scouts, let’s raise the barre real high taking us center stage with a black and white swan from the unforgettable movie “The Black Swan”, keep those leotards handy if BFF’s want to dress up as dancing emojis, or go as the infamous “Thelma & Louise”, but go timeless pairing up as Disney’s Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Chocolate Candy Without The Guilt

There’s a new edible obsession out there today which many will be pleased about, it’s healthy homemade chocolate bars that don’t consist of the usual ingredients that reck a diet, or one’s health.

One’s options are homemade healthy crunch bars made of dark chocolate, coconut oil, quinoa, brown rice crisp cereal, and a pinch of salt, and homemade coconut bars having unsweetened shredded coconut, maple syrup, coconut butter, coconut milk, dark chocolate, and coconut oil, both bars are delicious once conquering the cooking process.

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