Lauren Conrad a keynote speaker at upcoming conference

unnamedCourtesy: Create & Cultivate

Success….. Pass It On

On February 24, 2018, Lauren Conrad will be headlining the Create & Cultivate Conference as a keynote speaker, sharing entrepreneurial advice to other women that are in attendance, which Entertainment Tonight reported Monday, and Lauren expressing how the event is all about supporting and inspiring other female entrepreneurs to accomplish their dreams.

Joining Lauren at the conference will be Hannah Skvarla, who’s also the co-founder of The Little Market, alongside Lauren, Lauren too expresses that she finds that she does her best work when collaborating with others, making possible for the success Lauren’s had with LC Lauren Conrad, Paper Crown, “L.A. Candy”  and “The Fame Game” books, and many others.

With all the success Lauren’s had ever since coming on the scene 13 years with “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills” on MTV, Lauren cannot wait to be part of the Create & Cultivate Conference in the company of so many creative and hard working women.

The First Is Special

Today, Lauren Conrad and gang show us how to celebrate a baby’s first Halloween with choosing a costume that’s best for the little one, capturing a lot of pictures of the cute costume, having a little party to celebrate the holiday, and not forgetting to give out candy on Halloween night.

Hair + Coconut Equals……..

Also today, team Lauren Conrad tell about the story of what happens when one puts coconut oil into their hair, the results are that hair was thicker, and more hydrated, thanks to lauric acid in coconut oil that has a low molecule weight, penetrating in the hair shaft, nurishing the hair with vitamins, minerals, and medium-chain fatty acids.

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