UBM realigning New York fashion trade shows

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Changing To Ensure Longer Life

UBM Fashion announced last Thursday afternoon that it’s making big changes with all their New York City trade shows, combining women and men’s shows into one, and expanding Coterie’s presence, responding to an evolving retail landscape, and to better serve global brands and retailers.

After UBM holds women and men’s shows separately one last time this coming January, both genders will hold their first combined show on July 22 to July 24, 2018, because most designers celebrate not only women as a majority of their brand, but celebrate a growing men’s market as well, creating unity and inspiration in what now has become a duel-gender marketplace.

Coterie for a long time now has positioned itself to be the mainstay of the UBM trade show market, holding shows in both February and December, Coterie will now get a third trade show appearance as part of UBM’s new pre-collections show that will make its debut on June 10 to June 12, where Fame, Moda, AccessoriesTheShow, and POOLTRADESHOW will join in this new added UBM Fashion presentation.

New York’s Javits Center will continue to be the home to all of UBM’s new and existing trade shows, as well as MAGIC in February and August continuing to have their shows in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Though, the new year starts on January 1 for everybody around the world, UBM’s new 2018 calendar year will start in February, where all these changes will officially take place, given reason why they’ll be separate shows for women and men in January 2018.

Daniel Quintanilla

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