Lauren Conrad’s early Halloween favorites



Halloween’s Unstoppable

It’s a feeling that one cannot describe if they are a lover of this holiday, the anticipation of the Halloween weekend, followed by the day of Halloween getting closer as the days and hours go by, so Lauren Conrad gets a 7 day jump on it today, with Friday Favorites that can help one get on the Halloween train.

Aside from paleo lemon blueberry muffins, mini arrow diamond studs, and a feel good moment from “Ellen”, Lauren’s Halloween head start features a trilogy of small pumpkins, starting out in their original color, then transformed into off-white painted decoration, with eye lashes in black painted on the top, and¬†eucalyptus branches to pose as antlers for the pumpkins.

Now, with Solly Baby Wraps, a new mom can imagine all possibilities for mom and baby to dress up for Halloween such as the Chiquita Banana, stork and baby, Babushka Doll, painter and palette, and garden gnome.

The Edit

Lauren and gang today delighted the world with their finds for the week being Anthropologie Sea Sailboat Wall Art, and LC Lauren Conrad ribbed off-the-shoulder chenille sweater, as well as jeans, makeup, pins, towellettes, and wallets to round out the finds.

LC Didn’t Make Me Drink

Jason Wahler, former boyfriend of Lauren Conrad during their years on “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills”, talked about his soberity today to People, and also clarifying that Lauren didn’t make him an alcoholic, Jason did however apologize to people he offended when he was drinking at the time.

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