Lauren Conrad’s old Teen Vogue employer is shutting down print mag


Courtesy: Teen Vogue 

The Times Are Showing Hard

Teen Vogue, the place where Lauren Conrad got her foot in the door with an internship that had its ups and downs, announced today that its owner, Conde Nast, is shutting down its print edition, which was reported and confirmed today by Variety.

Teen Vogue’s original frequency of issues use to be an issue every month just like any other print magazine, but in response to the times, declining sales, and a cost-cutting effort like other magazines were executing, Teen Vogue reduced print frequency from monthly to quarterly which began this year.

However, it’s not lights out entirely for the place where Lauren Conrad’s larger than life boss, Lisa Love, chastised Lauren for turning down a summer internship in Paris, France to be with her then-boyfriend, Jason Wahler, it’s said that Teen Vogue will live on in the world of digital, because Teen Vogue’s digital business continues to grow.

You’ve Got Pears In The Oven

Lauren Conrad’s on the Thanksgiving path today with the edible obsession of baked pear pastries for those desperately seeking dessert options to put on the Thanksgiving table 3 weeks from today, with help from Lauren’s baker, Lauren Lowstan.

These baked pear pastries consist of 3 pears cut in half where the presentable part of this dessert shows off the beautiful color of a peeled pair, while the bottom part is shaped the size of a pear sprinkled with all kinds of sugar, and baked to delight your hungry and buzzed Thanksgiving invitees.

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