Lauren Conrad finally debuts new hairdo


Courtesy: Lauren Conrad Instagram

There’s A New Do In Town

The time has come, Lauren Conrad today on her uber-popular social media that is her Instagram gave the world a very first glimpse at her new hairdo, a brand-new look which Lauren feels is best to go with right now.

In spite of this image not showing Lauren’s entire face, what can be gathered is that Lauren’s hair stylist, Kristin Ess, did a fine job once again keeping Lauren beautiful, which complements Lauren’s neutral colored lipstick along with a burnt red canvas button-down shirt filled with sunflower floral prints and dark leaf prints.

Lauren first gave clue of new hairdo last week as Lauren teased the world saying that she was ditching her precious long locks for something totally new, and shorter obviously as Lauren’s fans witnessed cuts taking place of her hair, even though the new hairdo hadn’t debuted just yet.

With still no sign of a new hairdo, Lauren did say earlier today that her new hairdo is more managable, because being a new mom, and blow drying hair while Lauren’s son, Liam James Tell, naps is not very efficient, so having a long bob that’s not a mom cut, which Kristin Ess declares, is a time saver.

Lauren Conrad’s last significant cut was just over 3 years ago, when Lauren did her first massive haircut in 7 years, trying out a shorter hair style that just so happen to be a bob at the time, even though Lauren declared after she’d never do a bob again.

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