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Fall In Love With Email Again

Lauren Conrad announced today that’s she relying on an internet original to keep devoted readers in the loop, by reviving the weekly newsletters subscribers receive via email, so subscribers receive the latest that’s going on with Lauren’s site, and what’s coming up next.

The newsletters will also consist of content one cannot find anywhere else, along with’s seasonal shopping picks, Lauren’s favorite fashion and beauty finds, and a behind-the-scenes looks at all things that are Lauren’s site.

And if one subscribes to today, they will be the very first people to get an exclusive peek at Lauren’s nursery when photos are sent out tomorrow morning.

Pumpkin Milk (Still No Cow)

Following reviving email newsletters, team Lauren Conrad today gave us those one and only lovely libations which usually feature the best in boozy and even non-boozy drinks, today’s recipe is pumpkin spice nut milk, made from scratch even, and not originated from dairy milk, or even non-dairy milk.

Instead, this pumpkin milk from the ground up is filtered water combining almonds, cashews, pecans, pumpkin, sweet potato, and butternut squash, all with spices of cinnamon, vanilla extract, nutmeg, ginger, cloves, and a pinch of salt, all thanks to Sweet Laurel, consisting of Laurel and Claire.

A Friendsgiving Celebration

Lauren Conrad shared with Us Weekly today about planning the ultimate Friendsgiving celebration, taking into consideration people who travel or don’t travel for Thanksgiving, and something that can be done with Thanksgiving, or in place of it.

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