Lauren Conrad’s thankful for 3 things from Thanksgiving

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Thankful No Matter How Early…. Or Late It Comes

Thanksgiving, it arrived, it took place and lingered the entire weekend, and then it was over just like that, but our thankfulness doesn’t stop after Thanksgiving ends, it goes on the entire year, and throughout our entire lives, Lauren Conrad’s thankfulness was plain, simple, and important.

Lauren’s first thankful for her family, being that it has a whole new meaning to her, given that Lauren gave birth to baby Liam James Tell back on July 5, creating a new chapter in Lauren’s already blissful life.

Next, Lauren’s thankfulness extends over to her career/ business ventures, giving Lauren the bonified success she deserves, working hard, and empowering millions of young women out there with LC Lauren Conrad, The Little Market, Paper Crown, and

And then, there’s the community Lauren belongs to, consisting of family, friends, and colleagues that make Lauren’s success possible, coming from the angles of, photoshoots, editors, and crew members that create such professionalism for Lauren Conrad everyday.

A Friday Favorite To Christmas

Lauren went onto do her Friday Favorites, which got the Christmas countdown off to a great start, celebrating the goodness of homemade jam sandwich cookies, coming from the most fruity jellies one can find as wholesome as possible.

The Edit

Two things to take away from team Lauren’s picks on Black Friday along with dresses and other fashions are a 13 piece knife block set, and some sexy fitness attire direct from Lululemon.

The World’s Best Turkey Day Guest

Again, Thanksgiving is over, but remember this for Thanksgivings of the future and any other gathering you may go to this holiday season, Lauren’s words to Architectural Digest were to not show up 5 minutes early to a dinner, bring a host gift, complement the food, and thank the hosts for having you over.

From Daniel plus Lauren

A Happy Belated Thanksgiving to all those readers out there who come here everyday, and yours truly is thankful for having family and friends who care about your well-being, and thankful that yours truly can also be helpful to their immediate family members who are in a time of need, leading them out of sickness, and returning to good health.

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