Lauren Conrad’s best way to handle someone wearing the same outfit as you



Hey, That’s A Nice Dress…… Wait A Minute

That’s right, a lady every now and them will come into a situation where she sees something too very familar to her, some other femme is wearing the same dress as she is, Lauren Conrad today tells about how to handle the horror, and turn it into a positive.

Now this may not be the case for Thanksgiving tomorrow since it’s a big eating day where loose clothing are the only thing in fashion than the finest from Marc Jacobs, but there are holiday parties starting in early December where that’s the time to impress the boss, impress your friends, out do your family like your sister, or even role model in front of the children.

So, if getting mad, devastated, or gasping for breath is not the best option for one to resort to, then take Lauren’s advice by letting go of the shocking situation at hand, and make sure that you feel comfortable in the dress that you decided to wear at the big holiday shindig.

What works too is to compliment you’re so-called opponent for having such a creative mind in picking out the same dress that you’re wearing at the moment, throwing a nice joke to break the ice on the situation tremendously helps the opponent out, because the last thing one wants to do is make the opposite person feel like less than zero for all the effort they put into finding a beautiful dress.

But if one has to attend an intimate event of a small number of people where uniqueness matters, and lots of professional photography is involved, then make sure ahead of time you find pieces like a cardigan, scarf, or another cover-up to force nothing but unique onto your lovely dress.

We’re Shopping For The Guys Too

Now here’s a moment where you don’t have to worry about matching dresses, shopping for guys in today’s newest gift guide from Lauren Conrad’s team, where you got pigskin leather catchall, iPhone 7/ 7 plus wallet case, J. Crew M 65 jacket, The Little Market brown duffle bag, and La Matera Alvear Woven Belt.

The highlight of this guy gift guide is a Canon Rebel T5 Digital SLR Camera, where your guy will definitely be impressed with your expensive taste, but what he really like to have the most.

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