Gansevoort Park Avenue becomes the Royalton Park Avenue

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The Lifeblood That Was Gansevoort Park Avenue

It just so happened that checking through Twitter tonight, Daniel plus Lauren found out that Gansevoort Park Avenue, the flesh and blood of Halloween for yours truly since 2011, had been sold to Highland Properties to become Royalton Park Avenue, back in October of this year.

At first blush, when finding out about this, it was a heart attack that one didn’t expect to take place, but honestly suspected when the rooftop nightclub had a new name during Halloween, so the suspicion went into overdrive for a time being during and after Halloween.

In totality, this year especially felt a whole lot different leading up to Halloween without having any official prior knowledge of Gansevoort Park Avenue being sold to another owner, so it’s a culmination of aspects taking place which led up to this point where Gansevoort Park Avenue got sold to another owner, with uncertainty taking place of what will become of Halloween 2018 at this establishment.

There could be a shimmer of hope, Royalton Park Avenue could live up to the standard that Gansevoort Park Avenue upheld during their run as a moniker hotel on Park Avenue, or Gansevoort Meat Packing District could offer a whole lot more when it comes to Halloween, and its late night antics.

But whatever the case may be, Daniel plus Lauren will be committed as faithfully as possible, whether it’s looking for a new home that defines Halloween, or growing accustomed to what Royalton has to offer on Park Avenue, or what Gansevoort’s got up its sleeves in the Meat Packing District,

Daniel Quintanilla

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