Lauren Conrad reveals a very straight forward morning routine

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Let’s Get To It

For most people, mornings are what they are, busy, tired, sweaty at the gym, sitting in traffic, and eating breakfast in-between, Lauren Conrad’s mornings are different, now that baby Liam James Tell arrived, Lauren today told “Today’s Morning Routine” that’s mornings are a whole new world.

It’s 6 a.m., it’s dark out, the world is just about awake at that time, and the only thing Lauren’s doing is opening her eyes to the sounds of Liam crying, getting up out of bed making a B line to the coffee maker for coffee stat, as Lauren adjust to becoming a morning person.

Lauren however didn’t become a morning person out of the blue, it took some planning, cleaning out her closet big time to make it easier on herself, and wearing easy products while doing easy things to get out of the door without slowing down.

And in the middle of saying good morning and I love you to husband, William Tell, Lauren’s favorite thing in the morning is picking up baby Liam while choosing which type of cereal to eat, though Lauren’s absolute favorite cereal dish is Kellogg’s Rice Krispies with strawberies and almond milk.

Friday Favorites With Lauren Conrad

As a new morning person, Lauren Conrad still found time today to lay out her weekly favorites starting with a wine and wrap party, then peppermint cream hand scrub, pretty  nurseries, and ruby studs.

The Edit

Lauren’s picks today are Little Nomad Roam Free Play Mat in Silver Lining, and Urban Outfitters Silence + Noise Magnolia Cozy Reversible Coat.

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