Lauren Conrad ate a hoagie immediately after Liam was born

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Baby Born, Back To Good Food

Let’s get the record straight, Lauren Conrad is to world’s best gormet food connoisseur known to man, and health food too, but there are times where you just want something good, especially after giving birth, Lauren told The Daily Meal today did just that.

It was 10 minutes on July 5 of this year that right after Liam was born, Lauren did not hesitate to eat an italian hoagie, in other words to the common American public, a sub, because Lauren was so excited that she gave birth, and Lauren had been holding out for for so long at the time.

Lauren reveals that throughout her entire pregnancy, husband, William Tell, said to her that she ate like she lived at a skating rink, curbing junk food with the rest of the skating greats like Nancy Kerrigan, Kristi Yamaguchi, and Peggy Fleming, eating only cooked crab and California rolls once a week.

The Best Last Minute Gift Cards

Lauren Conrad and team today devoted their Tuesday Ten to those out there (but honestly, everybody in the world according to Daniel plus Lauren), who need a desperate save for gifts before Christmas, top gift card places are Amazon, Nordstrom’s, Kohl’s, Shophop, and ClassPass.

Items To Spend & Save On

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, because there’s plenty of money to be spent on gifts, but there things worth saving and spending on, so Lauren’s Jessi Burrone today compared patent faux leather boots, shearling moto jackets, berets, and scallop handbags on which are those worth a fortune, or just worth a pinch.

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