Lauren Conrad’s woven wall hanging for baby Liam



Let’s Wove The Night Away

In all off 9 months while Lauren Conrad carried baby Liam James Tell, Lauren had some time on her hands, though she didn’t make a “Blair Witch Project” discovery, she did spend time on a woven wall hanging, which Lauren told ways to make on Wednesday.

In those evenings Lauren woved, Lauren conceived blanket material in all white canvas, stitching Liam’s name in baby blue in all capital letters, and Lauren says that she spent a total of 30 hours putting this woven together, so Liam knows he is loved, and has a mommy and daddy that will give him everything.

Now a straight up blanket is not how one makes this canvas, you actually need a picture frame canvas, with pushpins, and twine to put this woven wall hanging together, and some scissors to cut extra twine, then a fork to cris cross the pattern.

Coffee Table Books

Wednesday was another gift guide for you to order the perfect books that will be a welcome party for your coffee table via that will arrived just in time for Christmas.

Books from Rihanna, Lauren Conrad, Kelly LeVeque, Chanel, Vogue, and Kate Spade New York are just a few of the yummy offerings one will be please to glance over in their living room, you’re New Year’s Eve guests will be adored by your book choices too.

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