Lauren Conrad cooks up a Christmas morning strata



The Best Hearty Breakfast For December 25th

Now picture yourself right at this very moment, where you’re in every store you think about going to before Christmas Day on Monday, and then once you’re in a place like Whole Foods, your tastebuds go into overdrive, for something truly good, and something you haven’t come up with for your Christmas menu, Lauren Conrad’s Alison Norton today makes sure we don’t forget Christmas morning, a time to eat a breakfast strata.

Now, to be exact, this is a butternut squash and broccoli savory strata, no major amount of bread is needed, except for 3/4 pounds of baguette cut into 1-inch pieces, but you need 2 pounds of butternut squash, 2 large bunches of brocolini trimmed, and 8 large eggs, accompanied by heavy cream, butter, flour, garlic, onions, sugar, parmesan cheese, and thyme.

Once this beautiful strata is prepped, mixed, and baked, you will have a hearty and scrumptious breakfast celebrating the arriving of Christmas with your family, and dear friends.

The Christmas Europe Market

Team LC goes tripping once again today with help from Selena from Find Us Lost, taking a holiday in the best parts of Europe, lodging in unforgettable hotels, and finding the best food Europe has to offer.

While wearing Lauren’s finest creations from Paper Crown, Selena indulged herself in the finest sausages, pretzels, hot cocoa, hot wine, chocolates, gingerbread, chocolate wine, and soft egg noodles that fit well in the towns Selena visited, while staying in places that are quaint and luxurious.

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