Lauren Conrad’s first Christmas Card with her new family

25012448_314535592372059_4892849635778887680_nCourtesy: Lauren Conrad Instagram

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Of course, it’s a common thing for a wife, husband, and kids to send out a Christmas card to all their family and friends at Christmas time, but Lauren Conrad seems like the first to tell the whole world about it, as Lauren’s Instagram Friday got a family treat to all.

For Lauren, Christmas Eve tonight, and Christmas Day tomorrow are going to be extra special, because Lauren’s celebrating it not only with husband, William Tell, because their new little edition, being Liam James Tell, are making their Christmas one of a kind.

Pulling a Christmas Card together appeared to be an astounding goal for Lauren this Christmas, because it has to be perfect, and one’s professional photographer has to capture the right vision of the family, so Lauren smiles on the left, William smiles on the right, and we got baby Liam smiling right in the middle, flaunting everything that’s adorable about him.

Christmas Wishes To Lauren Conrad from Daniel plus Lauren

For the 9th year in a row, and the 2nd year here at Daniel plus Lauren, here are some hopes by yours truly himself that will last the whole year and beyond.

Here’s to Lauren being the best mother that she can be to baby Liam James tell, who will turn one years old on July 5th, 2018, giving Liam unconditional love, and teaching Liam valuable lessons that will make Liam a good child, before growing up to be a good adult.

Lauren’s husband, William continuing to be a very good husband to Lauren, as well as a very good father to his son, Liam, teaching Liam how to be a man, and giving Liam unconditional love alongside Liam’s mother, who’s already shown such love for Liam.

And finally, Lauren Conrad continuing to have a great deal of success with her businesses that are fashion, philanthropy, female artisan awareness, books, beauty, and websites, as well as continue to collaborate with outside venture, because the world trust Lauren Conrad’s insight, making their businesses and products more attractive and sellable.

Merry Christmas from Daniel+Lauren

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