Lauren Conrad wishes the world a Merry Christmas



A Christmas Card Worth Noting About

Today, on this Christmas Day, Lauren Conrad, and her crew of editors took the day off to celebrate Christmas, spending time with their families, and taking it easy this entire week, looking back at all of 2017, and getting ready for New Year’s Eve not too long from now.

Lauren also revealed more about the Christmas card that she, husband William Tell, and baby Liam James had put together not in a portrait, or in a photo studio, but in the comfort of their own home, and captured by their good friend, Jessi Burrone.

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Thank You From Daniel plus Lauren

What a great year it’s been over here at Daniel plus Lauren, continuing to explore the adventures of Lauren Conrad as always, witnessing Lauren’s life change before her eyes with the coming of her new son, Liam James Tell, as well as continued success.

With Daniel plus Lauren, Daniel got to experience more of the fashion life, with runway shows, special collections, fashion designers, trade shows from UBM, celebrities wearing fashion, and Halloween in New York for the 7th year in a row always bringing unforgettable moments to take away.

And to all who’s worked with me by my side, whether it’s on a business level, professional level, or on a very fun level all throughout the year, and for quite some time now, Daniel plus Lauren wishes you a Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays from Daniel+Lauren (Daniel Quintanilla)

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