Lauren Conrad clears the clutter out from her life



Organize Like A Disease

Lauren Conrad came to the realization today that she will never be a true minimalist, let alone a simple one, so Lauren summoned the expertise of Clea Shearer the help Lauren be an extreme organizer in places like the closet, the bathroom, and the kitchen.

Clea’s The Home Edit is especially one place you’ll find more creative ways to stay organized any room you’re in, but Clea starts with Lauren at the closet where shoes are stacked, baskets are used for clothes and shoes, and the one-year discard rule if you haven’t worn a piece quite often.

The pantry is all about dividing food between breakfast, lunch, and dinner, having opens bins to save time, and spending 15 minutes each month weeding out expired food, the bathroom involves keeping products you essentially use everyday, creating categories for all things bathing, and holding a daily drawer, and the office is all about easy access to very important items, a happy supply of items, and marking a specific spot to let you know of incoming, current, and outgoing projects.

Waste The Waste

Lauren Conrad’s team today came up with five simple ways that you can reduce the waste you have as you continue to celebrate the arrival of 2018, while 2017 wastes away in the rear-view mirror.

Mainly, it’s all about reducing the use of plastic waste such as toothbrushes for bamboo toothbrushes, using reusuable shopping bags and reusuable straws, and refuse utensils given to you for take out, though they say use cloth towels for the kitchen, they too can bring big germs, so it’s best you keep on using paper towels because they don’t leave germs, and can be easily disgarded.

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