Lauren Conrad’s team detox of coffee and the benefits thereafter



Sacking Coffee Can Really Feel Good

Lauren Conrad’s apparent rising star, Allison Norton, partook on an adventurous experience today, quitting coffee for exactly two weeks, giving up the rush, instant energy, and stimulation that good ole java gifts, in search of how one’s body reacts once caffeine is out of one’s life.

Once Allison gave up those grinded coffee beans brewed in hot water every morning, Allison says her mid to late afternoon sweet tooth disappeared, because Allison had more steady energy throughout the entire day, and Allison slept better because of it since her circadian rymthm improved, giving Allison natural alertness and sleepiness when it was suppose to happen.

Since Allison was sleeping better, Allison was able to wake up at 5:30am every morning without having to reach for a cup of coffee, giving her better workouts and better days, and Allison’s skin improved not only because of better sleep, but because Allison had to rely on drinking other good liquids to stay hydrated.

Guys Love Gifts For Valentine’s Day Too

Now that we got the ladies squared away for Valentine’s Day gifts, team LC today got down to the gentlemen in a ladies life, finding all kinds of neat gifts.

Great gifts to note are The Little Market’s fair trade leather portfolio in chocolate, Bose SoundSport pulse wireless headphones, J Crew red heart print boxers, and Crosley radio cruiser deluxe turntable, which are gifts that make the man extremely giddy when it comes to technology and leather.

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