Kristin Cavallari is opening Uncommon James store


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A Place For Your Collection To Call Home

Kristin Cavallari announced Wednesday on her Instagram that she is taking her Uncommon James collection and opening up a store of its own in her new home of Nashville, Tennessee in the fast-growing district of The Gulch this March.

Kristin says she couldn’t be more excited about sharing the news of her new Uncommon James store opening up soon, Uncommon James prides itself in timeless, effortless, and refined jewelry to women on-the-go, featuring designs inspired with a sophisticated and polished look to be worn from day to night.

Kristin also has more exciting news about Uncommon James, announcing that Uncommon James will now have home good too, in the line of jewelry dishes, salad tongs, wine glasses, and so much more, which will also arrive in March along with the new Nashville store that Kristin’s too excited about.

Be Gone Brittle Nails

Lauren Conrad sounded the alarm today with a beauty 911 of fixing one’s brittle nails and strengthening them for good, start by building up iron to produce more oxygen flow by taking a multivitamin, take a break from manicures for 2 weeks or more while moisturizing nails with cuticle oil, and do your housework with rubber gloves to keep nails away from harsh chemicals.

A Little One’s Valentine’s Day

Team Lauren Conrad today produced a third gift guide for Valentine’s Day, giving a shout out to the kids with jumpsuits, pants, socks, wobbly stackers, candy cubes, mocassins, and flower shaped baby rattles.

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