Lauren Conrad celebrates birthday with a February plan


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A Birthday Month Might As Well Be Good

Lauren Conrad kicked off her 32nd birthday today telling us all about the good things that this new month has to offer, while reminding us that this is the month to fall in love, since Valentine’s Day is on the 14th.

Lauren’s lined up ultimate Valentine’s Day kids crafting party inspiration along with Valentine’s Day inspired desserts, and Lauren’s not forgotten about love either, as Lauren and her team will have a smart girl’s guide to dating apps, because finding mister or misses right needs to be convenient and thoughtful.

Puppies & Kittens Find Love

Lauren Conrad got the big V-Day push going today as Lauren and gang plan a party around the kids with a Valentine’s Day play date, a party filled with decor inspired by puppies and kittens, not just limited to decorations already donned with those cute pets on them.

Kids can go all out and have an arts and craft table at the party, creating their own little or big puppy and kitten decorations and projects that will definitely make the Valentine’s Day party more fun to participate in, with all the cookies, cake, and juices one’s kid will desire.

The Hacks Of Being A Mom

With Pure Wow, Lauren Conrad on Wednesday revealed what she does to feed baby Liam James Tell, it starts by making his baby food in large amounts, and placing it in mason jars to put in the freezer, so Lauren doesn’t have to cook on the spot each day.

Lauren also relies on the BEABA Babycook food processor to make all of Liam’s foods, starting Liam off on carrots, peas, and apples, so Liam has a taste, and an appreciation for vegetagles, as well as fruits.

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