Lauren Conrad’s best lipstick shades for skin tone



Lipstick Jungle

It’s a daily struggle to find makeup that works for our features because we’re not all the same, it’s a little surprising too that lipstick is part of that difficult process of looking good each day, Lauren Conrad made it her mission Monday to find lipstick that works for one’s skin.

To start, those with fair skin need lipstick that pops which are straight pink and red because lighter colors wash out, darker skin needs deep reds and berry hues to complement and flatter, and olive skin must rely on nude, pink, red, and even orange lipsticks.

Undertones are very important to consider too, because those warm or cool undertones you may have can determine whether you have to break the rules of lipstick, but the best best with any skin tone or lipstick is to try the lipstick on, just to see if it works.

Decorated Denim

Lauren Conrad’s Tessa Scott on Monday introduced us to do-it-yourself embroidered denim, which involves more than a few set of materials to achieve this process, followed by some step by step instructions so those denim jackets that look chic on us have a little extra spunk to stand out.

What’s important in this little project is that measurement is everything, as well as clean and neat stitches, because a sloppy, messy, and poorly measured stitch can make the embroidered denim design you are trying to do not look good, and that’s a disappointment one doesn’t want to see.

Daniel Quintanilla

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