Epson Digital Couture Project graces New York Fashion Week

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Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

The Most Wonderful Week Of The Year

Epson once again on Tuesday evening kicked off New York Fashion Week here in New York City with its annual Digital Couture Project, a presentation of designers making use of the wonderful advances in technology, that is digital, making for beautiful and eye-popping prints.

Such presenters like Lua Lua, Harley Elsaesser, Karyn Coo, Stephanie Ruiz, Eduardo Figueroa, Emilio Mata, Ilse Jara, and Anna Maria Guiulfo put colors, designs, florals, patterns, plaids, layouts, and symmetrical styles to good use to say the least with their can’t miss dresses, graphic tees, pants, bodysuits, skirts, shirts, and jackets that were featured.

Epson plays a major role in this event, not only sponsoring it, but being a leader in printing out these works of art as they’re being produced in many design houses in New York City, and other cities across the country.

Digital, if not obvious already, is a blessing in disguise for talented designers to not only be seen, but for designers to be more creative in ways no one has ever thought before, raising the bar, and breaking boundries to create fashion that catches the eye of fashionistas alike.

Digital is a miracle for the budgets of design houses, as it is already expensive to produce such good quality design, digital allows designers to produce more, and a lower cost.

The Epson Digital Couture Project event itself was a lively atmosphere as always, with E! as another leading sponsor which is all out for fashion week as always, great house tunes, drinks from high-end suppliers, and a collective of people to mingle with in the industry.

Daniel Quintanilla

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