threeASFOUR x Epson create cymaSCOPE: A capsule Collection

#9Courtesy: threeASFOUR

The Digital Revolution

Popular avant garde fashion brand threeAsFour have collaborated with digital printing giant Epson for its new capsule collection titled cymaSCOPE.

The two have joined forces for this exciting collection after the brand took part in Epson’s “Digital Couture” fashion presentation during New York Fashion Week this past February, highlighting Epson’s digital dye sublimation and direct-to-garment printing technology.

The initial collaboration was so successful that the two decided to join forces for this exciting new capsule collection.

When sound is tuned to certain harmonic frequencies standing waves are created on the surface of water.

For Pre-Fall 2018 threeASFOUR presents cymaSCOPE, a capsule collection using Epson’s newest digital printing technology to produce an array of prints in a variety of threeASFOUR classics.

Furthering their exploration of sound and geometry, threeASFOUR collaborated with photographer Linden Gledhill who recorded the sacred beauty of sound using his unique process.

The images were shot through a macro lens that captured the stunning cymatic patterns by focusing on the center of a very shallow one inch wide reservoir of water attached to a speaker known as a cymascope and illuminated by lights, creating these vibrant prints.

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