Lauren Conrad tells ways to make use of your tax refund

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The Power Of Money Is Amazing

Lauren Conrad’s ever-busy contributor, Allison Norton, got to talking money today as her recent inspiration got her thinking about the future, starting in places like investing your income tax refund or a bonus from work into fruitful things that do good.

The first and best way to start saving for your later years is invest in your retirement, especially tax exempt accounts like a 401K, Roth IRA, and SEP account, improve upon your life by making investments that advance one’s home, car, or even your career, buying things for necessity instead of want.

There are those days where the unexpected happens in our lives, so it’s a wise idea to save that tax refund, bonus, or extra money you have when those tough situations occur, long-term money saving includes putting a little bit of money away over a long period of time to safe up for a big purchase, like a house.

Now, savings is not limited to retirement or necessary purchases, the money you get from your taxes or work bonus can be use for necessary things like college for you or your kids, and/ or even investing in a gym membership, exercise classes, or even buying more organic food from Whole Foods.

Inspiring Donuts

Lauren Conrad’s team today got to do some serious baking for Valentine’s Day, coming up with baked conversation heart donuts, donuts that are heavily glazed in colors of pink, green, purple, orange, etc.; to say things like squad goals, hugs, girl power, BFF, XOXO, and Friends 4 Life.

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