Lauren Conrad makes the white t-shirt more perfect



What More Perfect Is There?

Today, Lauren Conrad’s team of Ilana Saul and Allison Norton did classic white t-shirt comparisions from budding designers, in all varying price points, testing textures, fit, neckline, and style capability, even durability played a major role for Lauren’s ladies, but didn’t deter them from loving the t-shirt.

Let’s start with Ilana, who tried Madewell’s whisper cotton crewneck tee with fine cotton at a low price, but size up on these shirts for looser fits, and durability rates low, Alison’s first find was The Gap’s short sleeve vintage crew neck, liking the softness and affordability, plus going up a size for a blouse look, Ilana then tried and loved THE GREAT with its $95 price tag, loving the classic flattering fit with super soft durable cotton, and distressed vintage vibe.

Continued testing had Allison find Everlane cotton box-cut pocket tee loving the $16 price, but wasn’t too keen about the snug fit since Allison likes her shirts baggy and versatile, Allison again liked THE MONROW oversize crew neck tee for its see-through specks and loose and flowy fit, while Ilana wrapped up the test with THE GREAT U-Neck Tee washed in white for its neckline, but didn’t like the sizes running big, regretting she didn’t go for size zero.

Sweets From Morocco

Claire Thomas from The Kitchy Kitchen joined Lauren and the gang once again today for a new recipe box of Moroccan snake cake, entirely made up of pistachio, rose, and orange flavors melded with sugar, butter, and flour to bring all those wonderful aromas out.

Now Claire did something entirely different from the usual, one thing was there was no movie inspiration this time, but Claire notably did use a homemade white ceramic plate from The Little Market, which made this dessert more enticing to run to.

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