Richie Rich & The Phluid Project present ‘The Currency Collection’ at New York Fashion Week

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Courtesy: Supreme Public Relations

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Fashion designer, Richie Rich, debuted his new fall/ winter 2018 “The Currency Collection” label last Friday, February 16 at Rob Smith’s highly anticipated The Phluid Project.

The designer, notorious for his runway shows closing out past New York Fashion Week’s for close to a decade, closing out this season’s NYFW with a boom.

Richie delivered a collection that not only was aesthetically appealing to modern contemporary unisex markets, but carried a message that many young adults can celebrate and enjoy, being rich in life.

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Courtesy: Supreme Public Relations

The event hosted a variety of fashion industry influencers, tastemakers, and VIP/ Celebrity guests, including Margaret/ Mrs. B from “The Real Housewives of New Jersey”, socialite Emma Snowdown-Jones, among others.

The event was produced by James Murray for Supreme Public Relations, who has officially announced their taking-over of representation for Richie Rich personally, as well as the brand.

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Courtesy: Supreme Public Relations

“The Currency Collection” sets off the concept of freedom of self-expression, while celebrating the legacy of Richie Rich, being radiant authenticity.

It honors love, happinessm and unity, and it is a segway into the future of Richie Rich, with newfound additions, collaborations, and a very potential re-birth of iconic creations from the past.

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Courtesy: Supreme Public Relations

Speaking of brand, the show implicated a couple of minor hints that a resurrection of the once ever-famous and loved by all “Heatherette” label could be resurrected.

One of the pieces in the show (a hoodie) bared the content of “Long Live Heatherette” on its back, and “I <3 Heatherette” in front.

This sparked numerous conversations during the presentation of the potential return.

When asked, James Murray, new PR Representative and Influencer, he stated, “I can’t speak on the subject right now, but I always say….. there’s always a little bit of truth behind the rumor”.

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