Lauren Conrad and the best circle handbags around


The Future Of Handbags

Lauren Conrad made the nation and the world aware today of a new type of handbag that one would not have ever thought of before, it’s called the circle bag, and it’s the latest that Lauren’s craving with her always high-end and emerging style picks in fashion.

Lauren’s inner circle of handbags alike begins at home with The Little Market GAIA circle bag, LC Lauren Conrad petite faux fur round crossbody, Mansur Gavriel calf circle body in deep hue burnt green, sidekick crossbody circle bag, and the Chloe pixie suede and textured-leather shoulder bag all red.

Lauren’s quest of circle bags continue with KAANAS Akumal woven circle cross body bag in pink, The Stowe Elliot circle bag all emcompassed in black, Clare V. circle clutch of shrimp colored bag with a furry green handle, KAANAS Akumal woven circle cross body bag in definite fushchia, Cult Gaia bamboo circle bag, and Mansur Gavriel checker circle crossbody.

Dine Out Without Shame

Lauren Conrad stayed in the blogosphere sphere today giving us 5 ways that we can all make healthy choices when doing the most guilty pleasure out there that ranks close to being in Vegas, that’s eating out.

In the middle of conversation, and an array of continuous libations all evening long, Lauren says research the menu in advance so you have a game plan of what to order for your night out, swap out startchy items like potatoes for things like broccoli when you order stuff like chicken, the 80/20 rule is only eating 80 percent of your food and taking 20 percent home (if you’re full already), if you had to choose an indulgence, choose between wine, bread, or dessert (go with the wine overall), and always have your greens if you are very doubtful of anything else on the menu.

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