Kristin Cavallari seeks ‘Hollywood Medium’ about late brother

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Reaching Out To The Great Beyond

Kristin Cavallari gave a sneek preview Monday about her upcoming appearance on E!’s “Hollywood Medium”, where Kristin speaks to Tyler Henry, in an effort to reconnect to Kristin’s deceased brother, Michael Cavallari, who died back in December 2015 out in the road in Colorado in his car.

Tyler immediately validated the struggle Michael had with drugs and alcohol which lead to his death, saying that it’s more of those factors than it is a mental state, triggering or kicking off all kinds of things taking place, to a point of no return.

For Kristin, Tyler’s revelations on her brother hit home, saying too that Kristin and her parents thought Mike had bipolar disorder, having mania moments of greatness, as well as mania moments of depression, which were accelerated by drugs and alcohol, leading Michael Cavallari to deal with an array of demons.

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