Lauren Conrad speaks at Create & Cultivate conference

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Lead Us In The Right Path

Lauren Conrad revealed on her Instagram media on Sunday that she had quite a busy weekend at the Create and Cultivate conference, where Lauren spent her Saturday getting the most out of it, speaking to thousands about The Little Market.

Lauren’s part at Create and Cultivate, along with The Little Market co-founder, Hannah Skvarla, were keynote speakers, being interviewed by Sophia Rossi of Hello Giggles, about empowering young women artisans around the world, enabling them to make money on what they do, and are able to take better care of themselves and their family.

Even though Lauren admits that it was terrifying to speak in front of so many people, Lauren was excited to talk about The Little Market to over a thousand people in attendance of the event, creating something where the amount of people they help was limitless.

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