expresses who they are at UBM ‘Coterie’

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Words Say It All

In all the 7 years that Coterie has been explored by yours truly, this being the last day of 3 day event here at Javits Center here in New York City, and this event marking not only a brand new calendar year for UBM, but a year of new beginnings to come, Daniel plus Lauren finally got the chance today to link up with one of Lauren Conrad dot com’s frequents being, and seeing what’s in action for fall/ winter 2018 here at UBM “Coterie”.

It’s simple, is a lifestyle brand where they do a bunch of different fun girl power sayings with bright colors, mainly found in stationary, drink wear, and apparel which just launched last fall consisting of a good collection that stretches out to all seasons, there’s a huge new travel collection, and a great collection of outdoor fun which includes beach towels, floats, drink cuzzis, just to name a few of the stuff’s excited about.

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In’s vast collection, people the most are drawn to the drink wear because has the glitter bombs, water bottles, sip sips, thermal mugs, which makes this’s top selling collection that’s also considered outdoor fun.

It’s no secret that Lauren Conrad has linked up with many times in the past, as well as yours truly including them in their writing while writing about Lauren, and can attest to Lauren wearing one of their shirts, Lauren was celebrating baby Liam James Tell’s 6 month birthday back in January, Lauren’s shirt clearly said “I’ve Been To Paris”.

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And’s looking to the future with brand-new stainless steel water bottles soon joining the family of items has to offer while making bold statements to keep the everyday as sane as possible.

With’s following who loves their drink wear down to a T,’s future is definitely bright, continuing their creativity while coming up with innovative ways to capture the attention of our emerging and innovative population.

Daniel Quintanilla

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