Blanc Noir’s solid fall/ winter 2018 at UBM ‘Coterie’

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A Sharp Fall It Will Be

In this third and final day of the first Coterie of UBM’s new calendar year, and the beginning of the next chapter of trade shows, Blanc Noir told it straight forward today with their 2018 fall/ winter collection here at the Javits Center in New York City.

Blanc Noir is a functional fashion brand that is active contemporary that basically build the active features and attributes in sheer everyday wear, a great example is their very own authentic leather jacket which is built on a power mesh, so it has all its comfort, range of motion, and breathability built into the leather jacket, while still having cool contemporary style.

As the leather jacket is an updated version based on a previous best seller, Blanc Noir operates a full fall collection consisting of bottoms, joggers, sweatshirts, and second and third layers pieces that includes thick jackets, as well as a funtional men’s collection.

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Blanc Noir’s best sellers are not limited to leather jackets, they also include moto jackets, track jackets, infinity crop tops, magnetic tops, tux trouser, posh jogger, and velour track pant that’s modeled after bell bottoms, but fits like flares from the late 90’s.

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While Blanc Noir’s mens collection consist mainly of transition tops, hoodies, pullovers, and jackets, Blanc Noir’s brand DNA is signature city style fused with performance features and fabrics that connect contempary and active fashion, because garments are engineered to offer the latest fabric technology that support high tech lifestyles we all lead.

For yours truly (Daniel plus Lauren), what stands out are best sellers of crop tops, trousers, joggers, and velour pants, as well as the leather jacket that easily fits into a man’s unique style.

Daniel Quintanilla

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