Kristin Cavallari’s brother didn’t set out to die

28155979_169740313654459_8207290372141875200_nCourtesy: Uncommon James Instagram

Closure Is The Only Way Home

Kristin Cavallari finally got the answers needed about her late brother, Michael Cavallari, Wednesday night from the “Hollywood Medium” on E!, looking for some type of closure to her brother’s death, instead of leaving with nothing, or no answers worst off.

Kristin asked Tyler Henry if Michael got to a point where he could not find a way back to his car and his phone, Tyler concluded in all the details he gathered from reaching out to Michael that Michael did not intend to end his life, Michael was looking for help.

Kristin wrapped that it was hard to hear about the thought of her brother out in the middle of nowhere, but Kristin deep down knew that sad fact about Michael’s last moments, but at least Kristin is happy to know about the facts, and that she can come to terms with it.

The Spring Of James Is Here

Kristin Cavallari announced early today on Instagram that her Uncommon James spring 2018 collection is now available to buy, creating timeless, effortless, and refined jewelry for women on the go who don’t have the luxury of making a statement out of their jewelry.

To celebrate the release of this fine collection, Kristin has a short film on UJ’s site where Kristin and her girlfriends are beachside in a house, having a good time, surfing in the water, passing along jewelry gifts around, and sharing champagne around to celebrate that fine moment.

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