Lauren Conrad ID’s outfit from Create & Cultivate



What Makes Green So Good?

Lauren Conrad took time today to say how her outfit came about after last weekend’s Create and Curate conference, as well as Lauren noting all the good work she, Hannah Skvarla, and The Little Market have done so far for emerging female artisans.

Lauren’s outfit is an emerald green ensemble which could be a jumpsuit from a distance, but it’s a matching top and trousers set from Zara with top altered by Lauren, Lauren also paired block heels and sunnies that were pulled from her very own LC Lauren Conrad collection at Kohl’s.

And as a final touch, Lauren included a tassel necklace from The Little Market, which helped spread the word to thousands of empowered woman at Create & Curate about the mission Lauren and Hannah are achieving, taking artisans out of poverty, and enabling them to feed themselves, and feed their children.

March Is Here Already???????

Yes, that’s right, March 1st is today, so Lauren Conrad kicked off the new month with a Letter From Lauren, along with a new campaign for this month titled “March Spring Fashion”, which means Lauren and her crew will cover the latest and greatest in fashion.

Pieces to come are a roundup of gingham pieces, favorite chic sneakers, a spring sandals guide, and anything else Lauren’s people are excited about, as well as favorite makeup and lip products, there’s also tips to plan a cross country road trip, Easter party for little ones, and Half-Baked Harvest recipes served up on ceremics from The Little Market.

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