Lauren Conrad takes us into the indigo decor



The Home Expresses More Than You Think

Yes, no matter what you acquire whether it’s old or new, those furnishings, vases, dishes, and nicknacks tell others about you, either a clouded mind, or a straight up new sense of pride and accomplishment, Lauren Conrad on Monday craved something new that’s indigo decor.

Lauren says indigo are handmade textiles made of different patterns and shades blue that have no end in sight, The Little Market is filled with beautiful indigo pieces from female artisans around the world, coming in pops of color that are deep blue and fill up the space.

Options of Indigo include The Little Market mudcloth throw, CB2 stripe napkins, Lulu & Georgia Justina Blakeney Fela Tassel Chandelier in Ombre, mudcloth pillow, Anthropologie Elza dining chair, One Kings Lane lines decorative tray, Lulu & Georgia Prisha rug, CB2 block print runner, Urban Outfitters one-of-a-kind vintage textile, and One Kings Lane Dani Ottoman.

How Do You Love The Morning?

Monday may not be the best day of the week to start being a morning person, but any day’s better than nothing for Lauren Conrad and gang to share the 6 ways that you can have the best morning routine ever.

Lauren says clean up the night before so you don’t juggle work, cleaning, and baby at the same time, Allison says work out very early so you can focus on other things throughout the day, Rachel says make a good breakfast everyday to get you out of bed, Jessi says do lots the night before for easier mornings, Ilana says be in bed by 10 p.m. and prep the night before so nothing gets in the way of spending time with family, and Tessa says learn something as early in the day as possible.

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