Lauren Conrad reveals the style of March



The Countdown To Spring…….

It sounds corny, corny as countdown shows to the Olympics, an awards show, or even digital TV back in the day, but spring’s coming nonetheless, and Lauren Conrad today has Tuesday Ten devoted to March style tips that take us out of winter’s shoulder.

Gingham style, an expression that lingers around long after the song itself has been out of rotation, this can be found on LC Lauren Conrad’s gingham heels, there’s also pastel pink sundresses, plain white tees over skirts, wearing tweed on blazers, heels, and handbags, and blue inspired by the spring.

Continuing on spring’s countdown are denim dresses with billowy blouses, breezing into springtime with swing dress and lace up heels, a major whiteout in a monochromatic outfit from head to toe, embroidery found on things like flirty dresses, and pink wherever it can located, no matter the shade or accessory.

Spending & Saving In Spring

Spring is still coming, it’s certainly a good time today to see what’s worth the money or  what’s worth saving the money on, as far as styles are concerned, the famous round handbags of Rebecca Minkoff and LC Lauren Conrad have their own unique offerings despite the price.

Gingham flats make an appearance once again, this time at at differential of $585 from No. 21, and only $34.99 from LC Lauren Conrad, denim and cutout jumpsuits where the denim runs at $425 or the floral cutout sells at $48, and pink lightweight trench coats from Michael Kors and LC Lauren Conrad.

Daniel Quintanilla

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