Whitney Port explains mom’s everyday struggles

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Day By Day……

Whitney Port told Better on Tuesday that balance between motherhood and a career are unrealistic, plus a little more detail about feeling mom guilt, and making that all important shift from being a budding fashion designer, to becoming a full-on mom for the most part.

Whitney sets the record straight that she’s not too much a believer in work-life balance, because Whitney proclaims there are days that are different, where one day you’re totally focused on being a mother, and then the next day you are totally focused on being a fashion designer you dreamed of being.

Whitney says that guilt is the biggest achilles heel when being a mom, because you can’t help it but feel bad about leaving your newborn for just one second, by itself, or with someone else other than your spouse, but Whitney resolves she can only do the best she can.

Whitney started out wanting to be a fashion designer, doing whatever possible to have it all, but then a child arrived in Whitney Port’s life, and Whitney now says that she’s found more worth in being honest about motherhood, and helping moms out there feel good about themselves.

For Whitney, it’s all about being honest about career, and motherhood, this is what reduces doubt, and raises confidence about one’s decision, goals, and choices about what they’re doing.

Whitney Port too says all it takes is simply sitting down, and having an honest conversation about career and children, making it possible for mom, dad, and child to all be happy.

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