Lauren Conrad finds 90’s inspired hair accessories



Here Come The Valley Days Again

Take a moment, remember back to that decade occurring right before the new century/ millenium began, yep, the 1990’s, the clothes, the makeup, and the hair we will never forget, Lauren Conrad takes a kernel from that time displaying the hair accessories.

Those accessories were bulky, colorful, and tiny to say the least, they’ve been brought back in new forms, and apparently in smaller, hand-held, and even more sizes to love like Topshop Satin Scrunchie, L. Erickson Arch Barrette, Free People Silk Bow Barrette, Free People Marbleized Banana Clip, and Karina Contour Clips.

Now yours truly remembers playing, and holding these medium to big hair pieces throughout the 90’s when they were originally out, it’s a small relief at least they haven’t eclipsed the size of one’s hair or head, as more options include France Luxe Scallop Headband, Pom Pom Flower, Scunci Effortless Beauty Comb Headbands, New Friends Colony Studio 54 Bow Scrunchie, and Free People Desert Storm Claw.

All That’s Thought Is Lamb

April 1st, yes, April 1st is when Easter Sunday is this year, normally reserved for April Fools Day, yours truly can only think of lamb and pasta once church has been attended, but Lauren Conrad and people like to gift Easter basket ideas.

Look to The Little Market for gifts like the Happy Easter Basket and bunny travel blanket,   Sugarfina bunny bark in pink chocolate, Green Toys dump truck in pink, LouLou LOLLIPOP macaron teether with holder, and Meri Meri Easter finger puppets.

Daniel Quintanilla

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