Lauren Conrad gang sing praises for foundation brushes



Make The Switch

Lauren Conrad’s Jessi Burrone today cried a new tune from the rooftop, making a plea to all the world to ditch their makeup sponges, and join the revolution of foundation brushes, providing better results everytime, and incredible efficiency when doing your daily makeup routine that’s a b**** sometimes.

The problem with makeup sponges are that it leaves uneven makeup application all around your face, they take up a lot of foundation, concealer, or whatever makeup you’re using when applying to face, and it leaves makeup on your face uneven, as well as laborious time-consuming application.

Jessi’s answer are foundation brushes, they don’t take up huge amounts of makeup, you get the most coverage of make after just one application, you get even results on all your face, and foundation brushes let you build up as much makeup coverage as you desire, you’ll never use makeup sponges again.

Scones With Sweet Creme & Jelly….. Please

The Lauren Conrad team today revealed what could be their most delectable, and delicious recipe box ever, it is sweet laurel scones with coconut creme fraiche and mixed berry jam, and it’s served once again on the fine ceremic from The Little Market.

Daniel Quintanilla

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