Kristin Cavallari opens up Uncommon James store in Nashville

29094544_1781216261921155_1659058296356601856_nCourtesy: Uncommon James Instagram

The Birth Of A Business

Kristin Cavallari had plenty of reasons to celebrate this Easter week on Wednesday as Kristin opened the doors for the first time to her new Uncommon James store down in the Gulch district of her new home that is Nashville, Tennessee.

Kristin told WKRN-TV that her original motive was to just look for office space downtown to to work out of, but Kristin realized that it would make sense to open a store in the Gulch since Nashville is the coolest city right now, and that Uncommon James is seeing huge success.

Though, Kristin has no plans for a fourth child anytime soon, Kristin does consider the new Uncommon James store her fourth child, because it’s the first thing that Kristin’s done where there’s complete creative freedom, and it’s also a way for Kristin to devote herself to the most important job of all, being a mother.

You’re At Goop Now

Lauren Conrad contributor, Anna James, on Wednesday featured Ladies Who Laptop chatting with Goop Senior Beauty Editor, Megan O’Neill, where Megan discussed what her job is, and why she loves the pace of working at a digital beauty blog founded by Gwyneth Paltrow.

Easter Meringues

The recipe box was opened once again Wednesday in celebration of Easter with pastel yellow meringues, a big seller with the dessert is that its dairy and gluten free, just egg whites are used, and great ingredients being cream of tartar, granulated sugar, and almond extract.

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