Lauren Conrad styling it up for April



It’s April 3rd, Do You Know Where Spring Is?

It’s the biggest question that we’ve been asking here on the Northeast corridor of New York, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and so on, but Lauren Conrad today is marching along anyway with her Tuesday Ten of April Style Tips when spring finally awakens.

Lauren starts out with the baby born trend of baby blue on a sundress, followed by the continuing story of one shoulder’s cold shoulder off a floral, going nude with neutrals on trousers and trenchcoat, print mixing on midi dresses, and ruffles mixed in with floral tops.

Fringe benefits are always sweet to get for whatever work you do, but fringe on a flirty dress is one benefit not to miss out on, don’t miss out on bucket bags and woven bags this season, or pastel LC Lauren Conrad handbag with gold details and gold ring handle, button-down dress, and monochromatic blush found on sweater and pants.

Who Knew Jewelry Packing Had Hacks?

Yes, Lauren Conrad’s Ilana Saul Today found unique and unheard of ways to pack jewelry, like packing up your precious necklace in a sipping straw, but it’s best to use a reusuable straw.

And for your rings and earrings, simply go to your contact lens container to carefully store delicate rings with diamonds on it possibly into one part of the contact lens holder, and use the second side of the contact lens holder to store any earrings you want carefully preserved in a strong container.

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